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Our gimmick works.  The buzz of our 1st adventure attracted several fans and media outlets and the next one should be no different.  


The line-up included radio spots during the Olympics on the ZONE 93.1 FM Victoria and KISM 92.9 Washington, and two television interviews with Global News and two with CHEK TV.   We even went global with a spot on a CZECH radio broadcast.   We also made it into the Province and the Whistler Question newspapers.  The media coverage included links on KISM,  Global News and Yahoo Sports just to name a few.


KISM has also already offered to have us call in for any of our next adventures.  KISM tagged us with the name "The Limo Boys" (Their Official Olympic Correspondents)


If your company or media outlet is interested in joining us on our next project please contact us at  


At a minimum, if you advertise with us you receive a spot on our website both on the ad roll as well a place on the sponsors page.   


Depending on the level of sponsorship your ads can be placed in the LED screens inside the Limo that face outwards as we drive and when we are parked in a high traffic area.   We also have smaller screens for inside the limo that are run during the inside limo interviews.


We will ensure main sponsors have their brand shown during our video posts either by product mention, product placement or displayed during the interviews in the limo and/or shots of the limo.  


The videos that are posted on our website and youtube have the potential to go viral.  The guys often mention their sponsors during their radio spots and TV interviews as well.  


Our advertising covers a wide range of consumers and media formats.  It is great value for the money.


Our first sponsors were very happy with the results of our first project and we are sure your company will be with the next and the future ones to come, if you decide to join us. 




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